Do You Believe Health Is Natural?

Welcome honored visitor, you have come to a very special village of world citizens. We invite you to take a deep breath, relax, and use this as an opportunity to take a break from the rat-race. More than that, this could be a life-changing experience. Allow yourself to explore the possibilities as you build your natural health!

Rudi and Marta

Your Natural Health Village website was created out of our deep desires for natural well being and financial awareness; to live it, and to teach it. We invite you to abandon the terror of urgency lifestyle and imagine a life of balance and ease.

This collection of experiences and resources has come from invaluable learning opportunities that showed up as small and huge challenges on our life journey.

Thank goodness that we became aware of the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks back in 1997. It gave us the ability to focus on what we want versus what we don't want.

We are delighted to share our stories, experiences, and knowledge with you. We also look forward to the teachings that you have for us. This two-way street allows us to grow as a community. We invite you to be curious and take a look at our natural health stories, remedies, and natural health.

Well-being is natural. YES, we have everything within us to create a state of natural health -- building Awareness and Soundness in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

A Natural Health Secret

"Over the last seven centuries, we as a society, have been programmed to regard the curing or healing of disease as a perplexing and complicated science that is best left in the hands of medical pracitioners.

As a result, we have come to rely almost exclusively on the information that is dispensed to us by doctors and health care providers who are themselves usually uninformed about alternative healing options that may be better for treating diseases than the standard medical treatments consisting of drugs, surgery, radiation, or other therapies."

"According to a June 2008 article written by Dr. Joseph Mercola in his popular natural health newsletter, "As much as the drug companies want you to believe that it is normal to take medicine every day, IT IS NOT." "It is the rare exception that you should ever need to take a drug." (Madison Cavinaugh from "The One-Minute-Cure")

We believe that natural health is a continual fluid dance between what one eats, drinks, and thinks.

Organic Living

On our path to feeling better and better

We believe in the absolute goodness of every human being. We believe that we all have the desire to love, to be loved, and to belong. We also believe that we all have the ability to create our lives and live our dreams! So, let's create and play...!

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Build Natural Health
Come and share the experiences, research, and opinions of Marta and Rudi as they explore building natural health.
Health Articles
This site provides the most up-to-date Health Articles and Natural Health Remedies that you can find on the web. Please let us know what Health Articles You want to hear about.
Cinnamon and Honey
The amazing benefits of Cinnamon and Honey for Your Health!
Vitamin D
Vitamin D needs to be talked about and you need to know the facts--it concerns your health.
Alkalinity And Acidity -- Heart Burn Natural Solutions
Which Procudes More Acid In Your Body--A Lemon or a Steak? One of The Great American Cover-Ups, Alkalinity and acidity?
Immune System
Learn how to boost your immune system, naturally!
Vaccinations - Are They Dangerous?
Know the facts about vaccinations? Know the vaccination dangers in order to make informed decisions for yourself and your family. What are your natural health choices?
Hypnosis Through The Power of Possibilities
Hypnosis allows you to explore the power of your subconscious mind. This is the place that stores your beliefs, habits, thoughts, and so much more. Change Your Mind And You Change Your Life!
Hypnosis CD's--The Power of Possibilities
Come to The Power of Possibilities and Discover the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Hypnosis. Change Your Mind-Change Your Life!
HypnoBirthing Education Classes
Discover the wonder of HypnoBirthing--Consider the possibility of a peaceful, calm, and empowering pregnancy and birth! Meet Marta Baker-Jambretz, HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT
Come see how Emotional Freedom Technique can help you heal yourself!
NPR Natural Birthing
Take a look at this featured article from NPR on Natural Birthing
Lymphatic System
The lymphatic system is one of the most overlooked systems when it comes to our health, but one of the most important systems of the body.
Recommended Resources-Your Natural Health Village
It is our commitment to share with you extremely valuable Natural Health resources for your Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Recommended Reading For Your Natural Health
We recommend these books to you as we have read them and used them in our healthy living!
About Marta & Rudi
Come and meet Rudi and Marta Baker-Jambretz
Contact Rudi and Marta at Your Natural Health and Wealth Builders Village
Stop by Your Natural Health and Wealth Builders Village and say hello to Rudi and Marta.
Hypnosis Stories from The Power of Possibilities
Come and hear the hypnosis stories told by our hypnosis clients as their lives are changed.
HypnoBirthing Stories
I invite you to hear the inspirational HypnoBirthing stories from parents and medical providers.
HypnoBirthing Article from The New York Times
What does the New York Times have to say about HypnoBirthing?
Weight Loss With Hypnosis
Using the power of your subconscious mind to change your eating habits works! Come hear about the power of hypnosis to lose weight!
What is Energy Therapy?
Come hear about Energy Therapy and its benefits for you.
How to do EFT?
Here are the steps on how to do EFT for yourself--very easy to learn!
Uses of Hypnosis by The Power of Possibilities
What are the many uses of hypnosis? Come check out the possibilities as they are endless...
Stress Relief and Relaxation Techniques
Stress relief and natural relaxation techniques for your body, mind, and spirit.
Soy Or No Soy?
Soy or No Soy? What is the dark side of soy and your health?
Privacy Policy
We ensure your privacy at Your Natural Health and Wealth Builders Village
At Your Service--Concierge Services
I am a hard-working and highly ethical, Personal Assistant, and I will provide you with extraordinary customer care through our concierge services.
Free Introductory Hypnosis CD
Use the form on this page to order your Free Introductory Hypnosis CD by The Power of Possibilities, Rudi & Marta Baker-Jambretz, experience the power of your mind!
Immune System Booster
What is the Real cause of colds and flu's? Your Natural Health Village offers you Free or Low-Cost Strategies to boost your immune system.
Weight Loss Using Hypnosis --Think and Grow Thin
Weight loss using hypnosis is always easier! Use the power of your mind and change your life one choice at a time.
Slender Image Using Hypnosis
Slender Image Hypnosis program offers you the solution your are looking for to lose weight easily and effortlessly!
Public Speaking With Hypnosis
Public Speaking made easier with hypnosis. You will improve your public speaking skills after listening to this hypnosis program.
Self Health Through Hypnosis
Self Health is a hypnosis program that allows you to program your subconscious mind to a state of well being.
Child Meditation
Our Child Meditation audio will allow your child to have a relaxing rest. Ideal before a nap or bedtime!
Stop Nail Biting Through Hypnosis
Stop biting your nails with our proven hypnosis audio and have good looking nails!
Fertility -- Little Baby Of Mine
This Fertility hypnosis audio is designed to assist a woman in becoming pregnant.
Self Healing - Healing Disk of Light
Our Self-Healing hypnosis audio is an amazing tool in helping one focus on a specific area of the body or concern that needs healing.
Preparing For Surgery With Hypnosis
Do preliminary programming with this Preparing For Surgery hypnosis audio. Help relieve any panic or anxiety when faced with having major surgery. This hypnosis audio helps reduce trauma.
Song Of Life Through Hypnosis
Our Song Of Life hypnosis audio is a powerful experience of creating the song of your soul--your personal harmony.
Free Hypnotized Online Hypnosis
Free Hypnotized Online Hypnosis is offered through The Power of Possibilities, Marta and Rudi Baker-Jambretz. Certified Hypnotists through the National Guild of Hypnotists.
Overcoming Insomnia - Progressive Relaxation
Would you like a drug-free way to overcome insomnia and become a sound sleeper? Our hypnosis audios are guaranteed to bring you the results you want.
Wart Removal Hypnosis Audio
Wart Removal audio is a pleasant, safe process of self-healing using self hypnosis. It really does work as you take control in a positive way!
Chakra Alignment Hypnosis Audio
Chakra Alignment hypnosis audio allows the universal white light to brightly flood into your chakras. Enjoy this balancing!
Bottled Water
Bottled Water--Where does it come from? Is it purified? Does the water have contaminants? Learn about the mysteries of water and inform yourself!
Sunscreen - The Confusing Maze. Are you trying to figure out what kind of sunscreen to use - if any? Educate yourself about this important topic.
Natural Childbirth - A Most Precious Gift
Natural Childbirth is The Most Precious Gift that you can offer your child. HypnoBirthing education offers you and your partner a safe, relaxed, and peaceful birthing option.
The Boomerang Effect: Birthing Thoughts, Emotions, Intentions and Expectations
Words and thoughts are powerful and profoundly affect our every day experience. Positive thought relaxation can help the body and enhance it’s ability to birth freely and with no ill effects.
Your Birthrite - How Your Body Works With You And For You
Your Birthrite - Turning your birthing over to your body and your baby, trusting that each knows how to do it’s job is exactly what HypnoBirthing is about.

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